Saturday, June 14, 2014

There Are Some WEIRD Books Out There!


   I love to read. I used to think I liked to read everything until I got my Kindle and started checking out the free books. (which is like a dream come true...FREE books!!! God bless you, Amazon!) I'm finding though, that I'm much more discriminating that I thought. It seems I pretty much hate everything. There are so many daily free choices that it's like a little piece of heaven and ALL of the writers that I have read have been excellent, however among the treasures, I've found some pretty ridiculous stuff. I suppose there's a market for everything and at least people are READING but some of the content is a bit terrifying!

   So apparently, I'm picky. Who knew? As I browse through the free book options, I eliminate most of them right away. I don't like westerns. I'm from Idaho. I've lived westerns. It's not all that appealing. I don't like sci-fi.I don't like near-death experiences. I don't like anything about vampires or werewolves. I don't care about espionage or battles. (Except, Curse The Moon, was awesome!) I won't read anything that has a man wielding a sword on the cover, because...really? I am not interested in learning about hot water heaters (and there are BOOKS out there about them!!!) I dislike fantasy books because I can never pronounce any of the names in the books and to me, people who are blue or green aren't credible characters. I will not read any book that has a person with claws on the cover. I like cookbooks but I don't care about vegan cooking. I'm not into the whole kundalini thing, or meditation or psychics. I won't read anything about chakras and if a book cover has the "coexist" sign on the cover, I'm not going there. I hate anything to do with the paranormal, supernatural and time travel and then...I'm not much interested in romance novels...still qurestioning the existence of romance, altogether.

   There are sooo many types of romance novels these days...before,  it was mostly Harlequin or historical romance. Now there is a choice of passionate romance, paranormal romance, adult romance or steamy, edgy romance , or mideivel romance. Who cares???? I don't care if the "ripped, tan hero throws a sardonic glance at the voluptuous heroine and tears her bodice with passion". Really? It's the SAME story over and over and over again! I have found one romance author who KNOWS how to tell a true love story. Her name Is Jennifer Theriot and THIS author knows how to write for women. I am addicted! She is the BEST out there and everyone (men AND women) should read her books! Aside from Theriot's real life romance stories, I don't want to read the same, tired romances again and again. It's tedious. But no one can write love like Jennifer Theriot, no one!

What DO I like? I love a good mystery...even horror. (But no demons) Things that could actually happen! A guy hiding in wait for a there's a story! Tornadoes, earthquakes...any devastating weather event all make a good, intense story. I like anything that makes me check the closet before I go to bed. It makes my heart pound; I love that. I like true crime..real things that have happened...a good biography, truth.

   I've gotten some great books on cooking..freezer meals, muffins, gluten-free recipes, smoothies and herbs. Love them! See? I'm reasonable! It's just that books with weird titles don't appeal to me...for example, "The Animal Psychic" (really? No.) Or, I found a title recently and the book was described as follows, "Indiana Jones Meets the DaVinci Code" ( 

   I am astounded daily at some of the book descriptions I find as I scroll through the options and I'm going to show you what I've found. If these books appeal to you..more power to ya, but I can't bring myself to even try them. These are REAL postings about REAL books. Here we go:

- "Becoming a werewolf is not an option for 17 year old Lacey Quinn, but death can be a strong motivator"
   (no thanks...not interested)
- "As one wolf falls another must take his place" (seems kinda reasonable, I guess)
- "Alec's music is as dark as his vampire kiss is deadly" (sorry, Alec...I don't care...maybe you should try some BeeGees))
- "This is the 18th in the continuing saga of Jess Williams" (yawn. Come on Jess, let's be done already)
- "Jade loves her new apartment above a strip bar on Boubon St until a ghost joins her in the shower" (Seriously????)

- "Faeries are supposed to be perfect..." (No. No faeries)
- "Charmie Belks is trying to hide the fact that she's a witch." (I wish OTHER people I know could do that!) "Sorta hard to do after her parents slap a chastity curse on her for flirting with dirty-minded, non-magical city boys". (hmmm... a chastity curse....No. No witches)

I found one today that would  probably be good. It's called Petty Cash. Here's the description: "This is the romantic office comedy that Human Resouces warned you about. What if the smartest guy and the most beautiful girl at the office formed an alliance to help each other get promoted?" (Really? I can't even find a JOB and these people already have a romance at work!!! It isn't fair!) is one that is absolutely insane...

_-"Because Lydia didn't have arms or legs",( What?!) "she shelled out three thousand bucks to a washed-up middleweight named Cap to give her ex-husband the beating of his life. But the beating turns to murder " (of course it does) " and the murder to lust " (But she HAS no arms and legs!!!) "and desperation between between Lydia and an underworld clean-up man. Meanwhile, over-grown frat boy car thieves take up cop-killing as a side hobby". (well that's dumb...) "When these paths cross," (and you KNOW they will!) "a horror show of violence unfolds as they all slide into a hell of their own design," (Lydia has had enough hell...I'm just saying...) "surrounded by the neon and noise of the casino strip on the Mississippi coast. Violent, vivid life at hyper-speed". (Ya know, I'm sure there's a market out there....buuuuut it's not me...and if it's YOU...I'm more than a litle concerned)
  There ARE some fabulous writers out there who can really take you away. I love them...and next time I'm going to tell you about them and their books. In the meantime, I am going to be keeping a list now of the bizarre descriptions because they are sorta mind-blowing. I'm doing this so that YOU know what's out there. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

                                                        THE BIG PICTURE
(This is not a well-written article by a great author. Would that it were. It's not a doomsday scenario for you ponder. My point here is to show you what is happening around us. Don't believe me? Check it out. It's not for debate. It's a serious heads-up. You need to investigate these things. It's vital.)

   In the United States, we tend to compartmentalize all of our issues and crisis'. While this makes things a little easier to bear, we are missing SO much of the puzzle in which we find ourselves. Each one of the issues we are facing today are huge in their own right; together they're almost beyond comprehension and so overwhelming we can't begin to fathom where we are in the world. Looking at the big picture is staggering.

   In politics, we have put everything in individual boxes and we seem to "pick our favorite crisis" to focus on, or we move from one to another without much looking back. In Obama's presidency alone, we have faced an enormous variety of very serious situations. From the very beginning, we had the birth certificate issue. Some believe, some don't, but that single issue alone has astounding consequences! Is our president a citizen? If not, who is he? Who is Barry Soetero? Did he go to the prestigious colleges? Where are his records? Where are his friends? Rumors abound even today as a "new" old friend decides to give us her memories of Barry. It was a scathing account. I have no idea about her credibility, but her story was  slanderous. No positive light was shed on Barry Soetero! Do we believe her or take it with a grain of salt? The birth certificate is a huge issue for many Americans.

   Other huge issues are the economy...raising the debt ceiling...billions of dollars supposedly sent to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Queda. BILLIONS! Is this true? Americans living in poverty are at a record level in the US today. People have been losing jobs right and left and young people struggle to even find a job. Food prices are rising rapidly and with threats of striking truckers, among other things, there are threats of shortages. Agenda 21 hints of a government takeover  of the food we raise on our farms or at our homes. GMOs are killing us; literally.

   We have seen banks closing and many are questioning where to put their money. People are trying to prepare for an economic failure. On top of that, we hear stories that our government has been hoarding food and weapons. Is it true? Google it. Ammunition is harder and harder to come by and the prices have risen  exponentially. We hear threats of Martial Law. There are stories of FEMA camps. Stories of NSA spying on everyone, stories of TSA abusing people. The government shut down and vets were treated abominably by police. We hear stories of military from other countries coming to the United States and setting up camps. Google it. True? You decide.

   So many incidents of war, near war and violence like we've never seen in this country. Citizens are said to be pitted against one another, black, white, gay, straight; rich, poor; Republican, Democrat. We are becoming separated. Our unity, even within our own parties, is tenuous.

   We hear about tunnels from Mexico to the United States; weapons sold to enemies. Open borders. Amnesty. Child sex slaves. And if those things are not enough...we have Benghazi. We have the administration firing Generals, who have served this country faithfully. There are no reasonable answers. Each one of these circumstances alone is critical to our country and our people! People are dying the incredible number of scientists who have died. Does this sound tin-hat to you? Hell yes! If ONE of these stories is true, this country has a problem. If SOME of them are true, we are facing a battle we can't imagine. We cannot begin to fathom that ALL of them could be true!

   Add to these things the baffling number of bird and fish deaths! Google THAT one and wrap your mind around those numbers! Oil spills! Cover-ups! Fukishima! Can we even eat seafood safely anymore? This is HUGE stuff! This is about our food supply; our drinking water. This is about about an entire country (and more) suffering from radiation poisoning the likes of which no one has ever seen before. What is happening in our oceans that sea creatures are washing up on our shores? Why don't people seem to be alarmed about this? These are things of Biblical proportions.

   We put these things in boxes and view them individually...because to look at them all at once is more than we can process.

   Obamacare. Doctor shortages, insurance. You can keep your insurance if you you can't. He never said that! Death panels? True? Pre-exisiting conditions? If you can't afford it, you will be charged more. Sorry, we're cutting your Food Stamps. What about that weird chip they keep talking about implanting?

   If that is not enough, what about China? Russia? Muslim Brotherhood within our leadership...Sharia Law. Syria. Chemical weapons. Afghanistan. Nuclear warheads. Drones. Abortion. Gang violence.
Black on white violence. Gun control. Are you concerned yet? You should be petrified!!! None of these things are so questionable that you can't find myriads of information of them online. Are they all true? Dear ONE of them true?

Our military is declaring Christians to be terrorists. Across the world, Christians are not just persecuted but murdered in droves daily!!! The media is silent. The media is bought and paid for. Mass graves are being found full of the bodies of murdered Christians. The White House celebrates Muslim holidays and covers the Cross during presidential talks. Is that important?

   Woven throughout each one of these horrors is lie upon lie upon lie. Who is lying? The president? Valerie Jarret? Hillary? The media? Harry Reid? Chris Christie? ALL of them?! We are finding that those in administration are now lying about lies they've already told! Is this ok with you? Most people know more about what the Kardashians are doing than what their government is doing.

   Bizarre weather is rampant. Earthquakes are many  and very strong! Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes...all showing up in unusual places. Comets keep us watching the sky. Sinkholes growing in some places that are incredible, yet the media doesn't report the severity. Waters turning blood red.
(And just to throw in my two cents, baby you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet! Nothing!)

   Keep your eyes on Israel as an attempt is made for peace and to divide the land. The trouble in the middle east will escalate quickly any moment now and Biblical teaching says that Damascus will cease to be a city. It will be utterly destroyed.

   My very real concern is that while some focus on their "favorite" issue, the birth certificate, Benghazi, Obamacare...they fail to see all the other issues happening at the same time. The world is in a crisis state.
This isn't just about electing a new guy to come in and fix things. Don't let one issue blind you to the bigger picture. Things are building to a crescendo this world has never seen. It is frightening and chaotic but God is in control and Jesus is your hope. We need to open our eyes and not be blindsided and overcome by these things. It is time to put your security in Jesus Christ. I'm not kidding. The things that are happening cannot be taken "one bite at a time" or you will miss the severity. Look at the big picture.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Four Little Life-Changing Words

   Wherever you are right now, get up and go outside. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, or the snow coming down, or the rain washing over you...or feel the wind in your hair. Breathe the fresh air deep into your lungs. Nothing fake about the outdoors. See the trees changing colors, see the clouds floating or gathering together. It's exhilarating! Capture this moment...let it take you back to  other moments in your past where you basked in this kind of weather. Life is hard, folks.

   Life is SO hard that sometimes we let it suck us away into such concern, pain and fear...we get angry, we want our voices to be heard; we want justice! We just want our world back. Wouldn't it be nice to not worry about what other people are going to do? Wouldn't it be great not to have to worry about our economy or terrorists or cancer? Sooo many fears today!

   I want to feel secure about the future of my kids and grandchildren. I want to sit on the porch with neighbors. I want to  know the grocery stores will be stocked forever and that I can afford gas for my car. I want to drive down the road without fear that someone is going to wig out and go road rage on me.  I want a stranger to smile when they walk by instead of looking away and hurrying on. I want my 84 year old friend to be pain-free and healthy.

   I breathe in the fresh air and am at peace. I know Who is giving us this gift. Scripture says in Matthew 5:45 "...He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the righteousness and the unrighteous." He gives to ALL.

   Despite your fears, God is in control. Those  four little words. God knows who will be president. God knows who has cancer. He knows if you have no money. He knows if you lost your job. He knows the ending of all of these things. Our blessing in this is to trust on the One Who loves us. Stand
outside and feel the elements on your face...look up...your Help is there.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


   The world is coming to end! The President of Chik-fil-A  has admitted his company has Christian values. ALERT THE MEDIA! Somebody already DID, of course and the fight is on...lines have been drawn. What's wrong with Christian values? Morality? Honesty? Commitment and obedience to Christ? Did the president of Chik-fil-A come out and say that homosexuals wouldn't be served? No. That they would be asked to leave if they came in? No. That they weren't welcome? No. Did he arrange a parade to voice his views and march down Main Street calling people haters? No. He said his business was based on Christian values, period.
   The reaction to this is ridiculous. If you don't want to eat at Chik_Fil_A, don't. Nobody is twisting your arm. No one is asking you to agree. If ya don't like it...go see the Colonel instead.
   There are children all over the world starving to death-right this very second- as you read this. They don't care about Gay rights or Christian values. They just want something to keep them alive a little longer. Just a little something to eat. Like Him or not, Jesus said, "Feed My sheep". Instead, we fight about what is "right" and what is not; while the starving child DIES before our eyes! Christ would call us a brood of vipers.
   If you read the news you will see that this country is overcome by heat waves and floods and drought. Our food supply is in serious danger! Have you BEEN pricing groceries lately? Everyone is screaming inflation and depression! I say, "Thank You Jesus that we HAVE chicken to eat at all!" There may come a time when we can more than relate to the starving, dying children in other countries!
We don't know what tomorrow will bring. Help feed these children while there is still time and stop demanding your rights about what you believe. Get over yourself, for just once! No one has been denied anything in any of this! But it seems to me like it's Christ who is being filleted! Buck up and shut up and eat your chicken...and be thankful!

Monday, July 23, 2012


   One of my most repetitive posts is that there is SO much going on in the world right now! It's insane! I almost hate clicking on the news these days to see what has happened since the last time! Syria, Iran, chemical weapons, economic disaster, earthquakes, murders etc. We have REASON to be afraid! Things are happening beyond our control! ANd we just LOVE control, don't we? In a recent study by Chip Ingram of Calvary Chapel, he gives a beautiful interpretation of Psalm 46. This was penned by David, who I can TOTALLY relate to! Let me just rewrite this Scripture with some add-on points from Chip to consider:
Psalm 46 (about Fear)

God is our refuge and our strength,
A very present help in trouble. (God is FOR us, He is our refuge; our place of safety)
Therefore, we will not fear though the earth should change
And though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea;
Though its waters roar and foam (tsunamis?)
Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. (God is our only security).
There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God. (the city of God is Jerusalem)
The holy dwelling places of the Most High.
God is in the midst of her. (Jerusalem)
She will not be moved. (This is a specific prophecy/promise regarding Jerusalem!)
God will help her when morning dawns
The nations made an uproar, the kingdoms tottered (do you see the uproar?)
He raised His voice, the earth melted. (God is in control)
The Lord of hosts is with us.
The God of Jacob (He is the God of people whose lives aren't really together) is our stronghold. (joy, protection, security, deliverance, peace)
(God's presence is our hope)
Come behold the works of the Lord (Come to Him and see what He has already done. He's come thru for us in the past)
Who has wrought desolations in the earth.
(How do we enter in and experience His promise?)
He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth
He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two;
He burns the chariots with fire.
Cease striving (BE STILL) and know that I am God. (We must surrender to Him)
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. (God wins)
The Lord of hosts is with us. (God is FOR us)
The God of Jacob is our stronghold.
(He invites us to experience His presence).

There are many concerns today but God is in control. He has already won the battle. He WILL be exalted. Who will you put your trust or God? Oh my friend...God is REAL! He is alive! How many times in Scripture has He said, "Fear not?!"
Put your hope in Him because He is our ONLY hope!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Are You Thinking?

   We are in chaotic times, confusing times...End Times! (as in the Biblical LAST DAYS)! So Christian...WHAT are you thinking? Many of you have become involved in all kinds of apostasy! What is with some of you involved in contemplative prayer. labyrinths, silence with monks and things like Circle Prayer?! What is this need you have to work to "get closer to God"? Do you not know that already you are seated in the heavenlies? You are filled with the very SPIRIT of God! How much closer do you think you can get? Tongues? No! You are FILLED...there is no more of Christ to get! You seek experience and signs. Remember what Jesus said about those things in Scripture? You are complete in Him. COMPLETE. You are filled up and spilling over yet you seek experience?  You practice rituals like the pagans to either 1) show your "holiness" or 2) to get closer to Jesus. YOU ALREADY HAVE IT ALL. You are complete in Him, my brother! Stop looking for signs and wonders. Stop waiting to be "more holy". Serve the Lord NOW!
   Christian, you need to be in the word! You need to study to show thyself approved! You need to be ready to give an answer! Stop wasting your time on lectio divino and holy laughter...are you serious? The day of the Lord is as hand! You have been called out; set apart. This is NOT about you, it is about Jesus! His plan! His good and perfect will!
   Christians are DYING throughout the world. Martyred. Murdered. And so many of you want to practice silence with monks or walk a labyrinth! You do not look holy, you look ridiculous! You are "little Christs". Stop searching for signs, wonders and experiences! This is a battle! A battle for souls; a battle for righteousness!
   Put on the armor of God, children and face this battle armed with the Scripture! You will NOT WIN with lectio divino and contemplative prayer! It is the Word of God that fights our battle! If YOU, the Christian, do not know it..who will? I can answer that: Satan! He KNOWS the Word and actually uses it against us! I beg you to stand firm in the righteousness of Jesus. Know His word...and stay away from things that will drag you away from Truth! YOU see the times, my friend and I KNOW you know. You are seeing the leaves on the fig tree. We are near the hour and we desperately need God's word for this time of trial. Again, you are complete in Him! Gird your loins! The enemy is prowling around waiting to destroy you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liberal or Conservative

   The news these past months has been unbelievable. I tell myself that I should just stop watching it altogether and save the blood pressure but I'm like a moth to the flame. My defense is: One cannot stick one's head in the sand and pretend this isn't happening...and knowledge is power...and how can one have an intelligent conversation without being informed. The problem is, I think being informed is killing me! I really do. Congress is doing NOTHING to help us and EVERYTHING to keep us in the dark and it keeps happening day after day ad nauseum. And some people have the nerve to stand in the midst of it all and tell me it's MY fault! I'm making it all up! THIS isn't happening at all. Apparently, I am being overtaken my lies from a narrow group of bigoted people! Really? Then why hasn't congress passed a budget yet? Why are we paying out the nose for gas but we are not allowed to drill HERE? Why are we sending financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood when we can't pay our OWN bills? You can see the problem.
   I am probably the epitome of conservative. Call me crazy but I think murdering unborn children is reprehensible and paying for OTHER counties contraception is stupid. I think spending millions of dollars to hide the president's birth certificate and everything else in his past is unreasonable. Go figger.
   For myself, this has not come down to a republican vs democrat thing. I think everyone has an agenda. I'm not convinced ANYBODY'S agendas are pure. We are, none of us, perfect people. There are flaws...many flaws. To me...all of this comes down to the foundational level. God. I see things through a Godly perspective and not a party perspective. My loyalty is to God. My desire is integrity, honesty, humility. Right things vs wrong things. Good behavior vs bad behavior.
   I think this is where our eyes need to be. Hating the republicans isn't the point. Hating the democrats isn't the point. The POINT is, what is God's perspective on this? Whom do we serve? Many don't serve God at of course our perspective's won't line up. But let it be a God thing and not a party thing.
   We, in America are at a crucial point. I mean a no-nonsense, life and death crucial point. Stop the in-fighting. Stop the agendas. We are SUPPOSED  to be in this together and we are failing miserably! We are not getting a second chance. We need to buck up NOW. Before we take any stand we need to filter it through the eyes of God. It  shouldn't be that hard to tell the truth and be kind. If that is difficult for you then maybe you need to take a look inward....this behavior is about YOU not the rest of us! And one other thing, accept an apology graciously! It could be YOU doing the apologizing next time and you want the forgiveness! No more double-standards people! Doing so makes you a liar! This goes for all of us, me included.
   Ok, let's do a pinky-swear and start over right now, today. We HAVE that choice! Thank God for that option!